The event is hosted between October 13th and October 16th 2022

There are events running from each morning until late evening every day. Full details of the programme and times will be released in advance of the event. Keep an eye out for emails and social updates, you can sign up at the bottom of this page!

We’ll keep the website updated with all programme and day by day breakdowns will be available before you travel. Keep an eye on our social pages for updates!

Yes, with your wristband you can go to and from the venue site any time you want during event hours

The average temperature on the island is 25 degrees in October, so should be perfect weather! We still advise you to bring a jacket for the night time.

The venue is located about 9km from St Julians, where we recommend staying for Golden Buckle Malta.

There are no cash machines on site, however, most international bank cards will be accepted. Furthermore, a number of places across the island of Malta can accommodate you to withdraw Euros as well as Bureaux de Change in some hotels.

The official Maltese currency is the Euro, which can be bought easily at the bank, the post office or at the airport.